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Aug. 10th, 2006 | 07:42 pm

Your Celebrity Life (Girls) by cutegurlie074
State You Live In
Fav. Color
Your Boyfriend
Your Bestfriend
Your Brother
Your Sister
How You Get Around
Your Pet
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yummy boyfriend, hahahahaha

gonna start using this as my journal instead of Xanga, cause xanga sucks right now and messed up my layout


Jan. 13th, 2006 | 01:25 pm
Emotion: artistic artistic

Lies sink beneath my skin; Eating at this heart within
Friends deceive and wear bright masks; To hide the darkness behind their act
Hope is lost, and love had died;
So hold this gun up to my head
And Hope for better when I'm Dead

Knives of anger sinking deep inside
Want to reach out; Want someone to hear my cries

Sinners persuade you; and teach you all the wrong
We'll do anything just to belong
A nightmare that you just can't wake from
Murders; Crime; kidnapping; we fear of
We hide away for the terror is great
Corrupted by politics and our high school classmates
It seems wherever you turn the shadow does follow
Are we too far inside, to step out of this circle?

Tears of acid bleeding out
We cry until our souls are numb
Faith is withered and self-esteem shook

Suicide is painless; it's life that hurts

Lonely calls and angst sighs
Hope is lost, and love had died;
Bullets of despair and; gun in hand
Pull the trigger and end this chain

cause your just a cutthroat,(Minus the stitches)

I see you cry,
I want to touch your face,
To calm your tears,
And hide away your fears.
To protect you from the world;
You are my favorite little girl.
You are crying because your daddy left you and mommy died.
I’ll be your dad and your mom,
I’ll be anything you need,
If you let me.
I love everything about you, tiny girl;
Every breath you take.
I feel like an older sister to you,
But suddenly I realize,
I am the tiny girl!
In the larger, scary world.
But unlike my fantasy,
No one is here to protect me.

more later i guess